School Jumpers

Please can you make sure that you have written your child’s name on any school jumpers that they have. A number of children have come back to school today with new jumpers, but they have no names on them. It is much easier to return lost jumpers when they are named.

ORT Stage Words

There will be no reading sent home this week. Please can you spend time helping your child learn their ORT Stage Words (we call these their Key Words) If your child has learnt all of their Stage 3 words and is waiting to start their Stage 4 words I will be sending these home after the Easter holidays.

Hand Washing

We have been looking at the importance of washing our hands properly in P1. We touched a piece of bread with dirty hands and a piece of bread with with clean hands and watched what happened when we then left it for two weeks. We also had a piece of bread that we didn’t touch to see what would happen to it.